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Boats Page

Sobriety - A Humber Keel dating from the early part of the 20th Century. Sobriety was built in 1910 at Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
The barge is used for residential trips and is wheelchair accessible. It has accommodation for 12 passengers and has a trained and experienced Skipper and Crew. It is ideal for youth groups, schools, and elderly groups. It can also be hired for corporate and leisure use and is available for residential or day trips.

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The Sobriety Barge

Room 58 - Use our Floating Gallery Room 58
To exhibit your art
To run a training day or conference
To have your wedding or party
Multi Media Equipment can be hired
Catering available on site

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Room 58


City Of Hull - Built in 1995 at the Opportunities Training Centre in Hull and moored at The Yorkshire Waterways Museum. The boat is available for day trip hire from Goole and is wheelchair accessible.

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City of Hull


Where the boats can go

The boats are used for trips along the inland waterways network and some of them also navigate the Ouse, Humber and Trent rivers.

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Our cruising area






Telethon Louise - A converted lifeboat with wheelchair lift, Telethon Louise provides the Waterways Museum's tour of Goole Docks, including No.5 Boat Hoist with audio commentary. The History Tours can be pre booked for your own group or individuals can come on Sundays from Easter to September and runs on the hour @ £3.00 per person.

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Telethon Louise


A Museum exhibit which was used for tugging the train of Tom Puddings which transported coal from the coalfields to the docks and used the Boat Hoist as an unloading mechanism. This was a method used for over one hundred years and only ceased in 1987. SomeTom Puddings still remain at the Museum. W heldale now has agroup of active volunteers working towards restoring the boat to demonstraation standards. By June 2005 Sunday wheldale demonstrations are planned
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A waterside exhibit



A narrow boat with accommodation for 8 passengers. This is used predominantly as a training boat and has been the vessel used by the Waterways Work for Women Programme.
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Waterstart is a state of the art broad-beamed boat used at our Thorne Project. The boat has been recently finished and was fully funded by The Coalfields Regeneration Trust to deliver training to young people, quality volunteering and is equipped with multimedia facilities.

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Waterstart in Thorne